It's a most comprehensive and effective training environment with its unique technology, methodology and services for all categories of hockey players and skaters. Developed by HDTS.


Hockey Development Centers connected to network of top professional hockey training facilities with standardized HDC services and training programs.

HDC Czech Republic

Located in Pribram, Czech Republic

The newest and the best equipped specialized hockey training facility in Czech Republic. At this time still under construction. The launch of center is estimated in mid-June this year.

Logo HDC Finland

HDC Finland

Located in Tampere, Finland

The very first specialized hockey diagnostic & training facility of its kind in Finland. The center is led by Sasu Hovi, a former popular hockey goalie with experience from several European leagues.

Logo CHM Moscow

ЦХМ «Ледовый дворец»

Located in Moscow, Russia

CHM "Ice Palace" is one of the most modern and professional centers of Russia, specializing in the development of individual players' skills.

HDC Switzerland

Located in Meyrin, Switzerland

Specialized hockey centre that offers services to hockey teams, individual players and also to amateur hockey players. Wide range of HDC programs and services.

HDC Harbin

Located on Harbin Sport University, China

The very first specialized hockey diagnostic & training facility located in China at one of the world's largest sport universities - Harbin Sport University.


HDC Skating Program
HDC Training & Diagnostic Program
HDC Dryland Diagnostic Program
HDC Skatemill Diagnostic Program
HDC On-Ice Diagnostic Program
HDC On-Ice Program
HDC Strength Program
HDC Functional Program
HDC Amateur Program
HDC After Injury Program
HDC Team Testing Program
One-Day Hockey Camp

SKA - Skatemill training sessions, DRY - Dryland training sessions, ICE - On-ice training sessions, BIO - Biomechanical skating technique analysis (entry & final), TSK - Testing of fitness & coordination skills, SKD - Diagnostics on skatemill (Stride Power & Wingate), OID - On-ice diagnostics, ANT - Anthropometry, FMS - Functional movement screening, PLA - Training plan, RES - Results, interpretation & recommendations

Do you want to know more about HDC programs?

Do you want to know more about specialized hockey training facilities?


If you have any questions about ice-hockey camps, HDC programs, or if you are interested in building a hockey center in your location, please let us know and we will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.